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Who Writes for Life Coaches Blog?

Life Coaches Blog launched in October 2005 with 5 fellow coaches and friends. Over a span of three years, it has published over 500 articles by 16 writers about how to improve your life.

Founder and editor of Life Coaches Blog Alvin Soon is now a full-time writer and continues blogging at 21 Dragons.

“I just discovered your blog & love what you’re writing about.”

What our readers are saying about us:

Gleb Reys:

Your blog is very informational and it’s one of rare places on the web where people trust your expertise, share your views and follow you closely, be it an article of yours or a link to some other useful resource.


Mike Papageorge:

Funny that you make this post. This morning, as I fire up my PDA and hit bloglines, I get all excited to see two new posts from LCB, and realize that its one of the few that I read at the moment that I find exciting…

Anyways, I’ve always been into coaching, quite like the way you write and seem to identify with much of it at the moment. I wish the NLP stuff came out a bit faster though ;-) .

Great work, I like the NLP stuff the most at the moment, but I quite like the writing style here. Informal yet authoratative, and that, besides content tha I am interested in, is what makes this site work very well, imo.

Matthew Cornell Says:

I enjoy the personal development ideas, and the exposure to areas like NLP that I know nothing about. Plus, just good, interesting writing!

Jacky Chua Says:

As far as I can remember, I never fail to get some form of inspiration from your articles…keep it up man!

Dominic Says:

Hey dude, I’ve known you for a long time and you’ve been an inspiration to me. Thanks for all the NLP stuff you shared when I was in Singapore, they’ve really helped me to survive my time in a foreign country.


1. Very good content! Your site has given readers many insights mainly on personal development and NLP, things we can read and take them away for a thought or two. Sometimes it kicks our ass, sometimes it soothes our soul.

2. I like your style of writing. It makes a usually less entertaining topic much more readable.

3. Consistency and frequency. We know there will always be good reads every other day! So our hopes aren’t dashed when we come to your site every other day!

4. Gateway to more interesting and useful information. You are always leading us to the world outside. Beause of your excessive feed subscription ha, we are able to skip that time-consuming part and really devour the best through your links and recommendations in your post. Hey, this saves us lots of time and we still get to access excellent content. Thanks!

Ok ok, not to be too long-winded, LifeCoachesBlog rocks! So keep rocking haha