What Happens When You Smoke Too Much Weed? 

Even though it’s next to impossible to overdose on cannabis, that doesn’t mean it’s not something that people seek Perth rehab facilities to assist with. It can cause psychosis, not to mention a raft of problems within someone’s life.

But whether you’re a seasoned smoker or not, there may be a time when you consume too much weed. But how do you know if you’ve had too much? Find out below.

Can You Overdose on Cannabis?

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to cannabis use is whether or not you can overdose on it. Nearly anything you can consume can be toxic if you have too much of it, and cannabis is no exception.

For example, you can consume a lethal dose of sugar, but an everyday amount of sugar would not be toxic. The median lethal dose (LD) for sugar consumption is based on body weight. A 90kg man would need to consume 2.7 kilograms of sugar at once for it to be a toxic substance.

Author David Schmader, in his book Weed: The User’s Guide, pointed out that you would need to consume 750 kilograms of cannabis in a quarter-hour period for it to be toxic.


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How Funeral Directors Can Help You Repatriate A Deceased Relative

One of the matters relating to bereavement, which a funeral company usually relies upon for assistance and advice, is when someone dies overseas, and the family needs help repatriating the deceased so that their funeral can occur. Although it is a relatively rare occurrence that most families will never need to experience, it can be incredibly challenging for those sharing it. To assist you in grasping the concept of repatriation better, we have gathered information from the professionals at silkwoodfunerals.com.au.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term ‘repatriation‘, it is the process of enabling the body or remains of someone who has passed away while in a foreign jurisdiction to be returned to their home. The process can be necessary internationally when a person dies in another country and at the federal level when they have passed away in another Australian state.

Repatriation Complexities

From the outset, we will advise that repatriation, for most people, will seem complex, especially if the normal processes are not followed correctly. Remember that each country or federal state will have specific rules, laws, regulations, and administrative requirements, making the process even more confusing. This is why approaching funeral directors and asking for their assistance is paramount.

Another issue, which can often cause upset, is that some countries do not allow bodies to be sent to another country and will insist that the deceased be cremated. Unfortunately, even if the family wishes a burial for their loved one, it may not be possible. It is even the case that the laws in a few countries allow only for local burial, not repatriation. Again, a funeral director will assist you in navigating these legal complexities.


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5 Ways To Incorporate A Yoga And Meditation Sanctuary Into Your Landscaping Design

Ask any psychologists or health and wellness experts what activities are ideal for promoting mental and physical health, we are sure lots of them would suggest yoga and meditation. Yoga is an activity that not only promotes good joint and muscular health but the relaxation it, and meditation, provide is perfect for promoting mental health too.

If you can have your yoga or meditation sessions outside in the fresh air all the better, which is why, according to landscape design perth experts, creating a sanctuary in your landscaping design is ideal.

Of course, you could simply participate in yoga and meditation by sitting on your lawn but in this article, we are going to explore five ways in which your landscaping design can incorporate a yoga and meditation sanctuary within your garden, and specifically what features will enhance that sanctuary.

Ensure The Sanctuary Is Well-Shaded

Spending some time bathed in sunshine is good for you, but when it comes time to do yoga and meditation hot sunshine is not ideal. It will be hard to clear your mind to meditate if you are hot, thirsty, and have beads of sweating running down your face and back, which is why your sanctuary should be well shaded. This can be achieved by surrounding it with tall bushes or having a sanctuary built that has a roof or is covered with light fabrics to create shade.

Provide Yourself Plenty Of Space With A Focal Point In The Centre

Although yoga does do not require a large area to run around in unlike other activities, however, you do still need a sense of space and freedom to move around freely. This should be considered when designing your sanctuary. It should also have a natural centre where you can focus your body and your mind, therefore the shape of your sanctuary should be square, triangular, or circular as these all have an obvious centre point.


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How to Know You’re Suffering from Alcohol Withdrawal

Whether you’ve been thinking about visiting a drug rehab facility, like www.sivanarehab.com.au, or you’re concerned for your health or someone else’s, it’s worth having as much information as possible. The more you know about alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal, the better position you’re in to make an informed decision.

In the throes of alcoholism, it can be quite tricky to know if you’re suffering from alcohol withdrawals. However, there are plenty of signs, and understanding whether or not they affect you can make a world of difference to which step you take next.

What is Alcohol Withdrawal?

If you drink any alcoholic beverage heavily for weeks, months, or years at a time, your central nervous system adjusts to having it in your body. So, when you stop suddenly or cut back, you can experience both physical and mental problems as a result. These can be at the mild or severe end of the scale, depending on the extent of your problem.

However, if you only drink sporadically, you are unlikely to suffer any withdrawal effects. Your central nervous system isn’t used to having it there, so there are rarely side effects once it’s out of your system.

What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal?

As mentioned above, your central nervous system adjusts to having alcohol in your body. Liquor has a depressive effect, where it changes how your nerves send messages and slows down brain function.

With alcohol in your system, your body is working overtime to keep your brain awake and your nerves communicating. When the alcohol content in your body suddenly changes, the way your body has been operating doesn’t. As a result, you can experience withdrawal symptoms.


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7 Health Benefits A Landscaped Garden Can Produce

If you were asked to name locations where you can enhance and augment your mental and physical health, you might give answers such as the gym,  the park, the yoga studio, the swimming pool, or the beach if you are lucky enough to live near the sea. One location that might not immediately suggest itself to you is your landscape designed garden, however, as you are about to discover, it can provide multiple benefits for your health.

As we go through them, we will likely identify them as benefitting your mental or your physical health, however, it is beyond dispute that they are mutually beneficial to each other. In other words, being physically fit can help boost your mind, and when your mental health is robust, you tend to have fewer physical ailments and diseases. From Landscapers Sydney, here are seven ways a landscaping design for your garden can benefit your health.

Whilst There, You Are Breathing In Fresh Air

There’s not much to say about this except that every minute you spend in your landscaped garden, whether maintaining it or simply sitting there and relaxing, is a minute you breathe fresh air versus stale air indoors or at the office.

Your Garden Is A Place Where You Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Few things help your overall health more than being relaxed; that is precisely the state that can be created within your garden. Whether sitting on a bench, lying on the lawn sunbathing, or meditating in the quiet sanctuary you could build in your garden, they all promote relaxation and wellbeing.


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10 Tips For Creating A Therapeutic Landscaping Design

The first question that might enter your mind when you read the title is ‘What is a therapeutic landscaping design?’ Assuming you know that therapeutic means the improvement of one’s health, and landscaping is creating a garden to a specific plan and layout, therapeutic landscaping design is thus the creation of a garden or other outdoor space that can contribute to a person’s wellbeing.

How that is achieved can take many forms given the huge diversity of options that you have when planning a garden with your landscapers. However, there are some actions relating to landscaping that can have an especially positive impact on one’s wellbeing and we have highlighted ten of them below.

Get Professional Landscaping Experts To Help You: There is no better way to reduce the stress of planning and creating your landscaping design than to employ professional landscaping experts to do it for you. They will, of course, listen to your ideas and incorporate as many of them as possible.


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7 Benefits Of Dental Implants

If, unfortunately, you have lost a tooth, or worse, several teeth, then it is possible that you will want to replace them as soon as possible. Thankfully, there is no shortage of possibilities in terms on how you replace them, and if you are looking for one which is as close to permanent as there is, then dental implants is the option you should choose.

Admittedly, it is one that is likely to cost the most, but, as you are about to discover, with the longevity of dental implants, the cost over time is comparable with many of the other solutions available to you. To give you an indication of how good dental implants are, here are 7 benefits that they provide those who choose them as the replacement for their missing teeth.

Extremely Comfortable

This is often cited by many people who have switched to dental implants rom dentures and bridges as the biggest difference that they have found. Although there may be some tenderness in the days after the procedure to fit dental implants, once that has gone, you will literally not notice that you have dental implants fitted. Compare that to dentures which tend to move and in doing so can rub against your gums, making them tender.


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The Healing Power of Tea: Exploring the Health Benefits

Tea has been used as a warm, inviting beverage and natural medicine for thousands of years to support and improve health. Tea has something to offer everyone with such wide delicious varieties, whether used as a relaxing afternoon pick-me-up or a powerful restorative remedy. We’ll be exploring the many healing powers of tea, uncovering the scientific evidence behind its health benefits, and looking at how different varieties of tea can be used to support well-being. From green tea to herbal infusions, each type of tea has its unique properties, and by understanding why we drink tea, we can make the most of its medicinal qualities.

Tea’s popularity is increasing as more and more people discover the benefits of this beverage. We will analyse the different types of tea and explore the health benefits each type offers. We will look at traditional black and green teas, organic varieties, herbal teas, and loose-leaf tea. With so many different types of tea available, the possibilities for improving health and well-being are endless.


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The Surprising Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Procedures  

Some people might think that the only benefit of seeing a dentist is that you get to have that niggle, ache, or pain taken care of. While that’s the role of a general dentist, among many others, a cosmetic dentist has an entirely different part to play in your oral health and care. They can help with the things you can’t see, as well.

Below, we cover some of the more surprising benefits of cosmetic dental procedures. You’ll surely see the value in making an appointment with your dentist at Joondalup City Dental, sooner rather than later.

You Can Gain Confidence in Your Appearance

How often do you find yourself not smiling in photos, in public, and when you meet new people? You might be afraid that people will judge you based on your teeth, rather than your character. That’s why visiting a cosmetic dentist can be so important. If your teeth are affecting your confidence, then the solution may lie in cosmetic dental services.

For example, you might be feeling shy because your teeth are yellow. In-chair teeth whitening treatment, and even custom take-home kits, can see them several shades whiter in no time.

You Can Change the Shape and Overall Appearance of Your Teeth

Did you know that if you don’t like the shape of your teeth, or how they look, there are services available to make a difference? For example, those who are not happy with gaps, chips, and cracks can ask their cosmetic dentist about dental veneers, and whether they can make a difference.

If crooked teeth have been a problem for you, then braces or Invisalign may also be a suitable option. An imperfection in your smile may be easier fixed than you thought.


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When Is the Best Time to Have Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts typically occur in older individuals over the age of 40. Basically, they are a natural cloudiness that form over the eyes’ lens. They plague millions of people each year, though cataract eye surgery isn’t always a must.

More minor forms of cataracts can be overcome with a pair of prescription glasses. Doctors will often monitor them to determine if and when surgery is needed.In many cases, patients go years without requiring surgery.

Yet when cataracts reach the point of interfering gravely with a person’s eyesight, surgery to remove them should be strongly considered, especially under the following circumstances.

1. Cataracts Are Interfering with Your Daily Routine

Symptoms of a worsening cataract include dim, blurry or yellow-tinged vision. One particularly problematic symptom is double vision in one eye, as this can lead to dizziness and disorientation.

When these symptoms begin to interfere with the things you love doing, such as reading, board games, cooking, sewing and exercise, it could be time to consider surgery.

2. Cataracts Are Preventing You from Driving Safely at Night

When cataracts begin to interfere with nighttime driving, it’s a sign that their development has reached a dangerous stage. If you start seeing halos around lights or find yourself squinting in low-light driving conditions, your cataracts are probably getting quite bad.

Usually, it’s unsafe to drive in such conditions. If your cataracts are sufficiently advanced, they could prevent you from passing a basic driver’s test due to their interference with your vision.


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