When contemplating kitchen renovations, everyone should be aware that many benefits can transpire from them. You could have more storage space due to having more and larger kitchen cabinets, your kitchen can be easier to work in due to a redesign, and of course, there is not insignificant fact that high-quality professionally installed kitchens created by the skilled cabinet makers at Kitchen Professionals add value to the property they are in.

So far it’s all good news, but we have to temper it with a reality check because you have got the process to follow to go from deciding you want a new kitchen to it becoming a reality. We are not saying it is difficult, but rather that it will take some time, some thought, and a fair number of decisions being made on your part to finalise what your new kitchen is going to consist of and look like.

Part of this process will involve consideration of several specific factors relating to kitchen renovations. If you are unsure what these are, then we are going to help you, as below you can see we have outlined seven key factors to consider when designing your kitchen.

Key Factor #1 – Size Of Your Kitchen

The size of your kitchen can be a positive or a negative element depending on other factors and how you want your kitchen designed. Either way, your kitchen’s size has to be factored into the design and the layout of the new design, but if designed by professionals, they will make sure that every available inch of space that can be utilised, will be.

Key Factor #2 – Your Budget

Another factor that heavily influences what you can include in your new kitchen will be your budget. Obviously, we are not aware of what that is, but we would ask you to consider this. A new, professionally designed and fitted kitchen can add a huge amount of the value of your home, and often disproportionally so in a positive way versus what you actually spent on it.

Key Factor #3 – Storage Space

Determining how much storage space you want to create as part of your kitchen renovation is essential. A discussion with the cabinet makers who will be building your kitchen will help as they can advise you on what sizes will suit the available space, and how best to maximise the amount of storage that can be created.

Key Factor #4 – Kitchen Cabinet Styles

This should be an enjoyable part of the planning for your kitchen renovation, but it can also prove to be the most difficult. It can be difficult because cabinet makers can create just about any style you wish and because you are therefore spoilt for choice, deciding on just one style, can be tricky.

Key Factor #5 – Kitchen Appliances

Here you are deciding which appliances you want in your new kitchen which will be influenced by your needs, the available space, the chosen layout, and your budget. Decisions will include what appliances you want and also whether they are to be free-standing or integrated within kitchen cabinets.

Key Factor #6 – Layout

This will be a vital part of your deliberations with your kitchen designers. It is the layout that will have the biggest influence on how convenient your new kitchen is in terms of ease of access to kitchen cabinets and appliances, and being able to move around freely within it too.

Key Factor #7 – Lighting

Often overlooked by some homeowners, but rest assured getting the lighting within your kitchen right is as vital as anything else. Not only does great lighting make working in your new kitchen easier, but it can also add several positive elements to the aesthetics of your kitchen too.