Should You Do Adwords?

So you have an online business and you are thinking of engaging a professional digital agency such as Slinky, or you have a website that is supposed to help your small business get more customers, but nothing seems to be happening. What can you do to get the traffic that is going to convert into customers? In some cases Google adwords can mean great success. Adwords, or pay per click (ppc) ads as they are sometimes called are basically paid ads that are placed on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Where to find adwords samples

You will no doubt see them if you surf on the Internet because Google places an ‘ad’ sign right next to the heading text. This alerts surfers to the fact that if they click on the link it will take them to a page that sells something. Not all websites are commercial ones or try to get people to purchase goods or sign up. Many are, but not all have Google ads to lead you to them.


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