Battery Versus Power Vacuum Cleaners – Which Is Best For Your Carpets?

Whenever carpet cleaning is being discussed by homeowners there can be debates and disagreements about what the best methods are to clean specific types of carpets. Some will insist that only dry shampoos should be used, others will say that carpet foam is the best way to deep clean, and there will be those who leave all their carpet cleaning needs to professional carpet cleaners.

Many of the debates we are referring to will have been taking place for decades, but there are also some which are more recent. They are more recent due to advances in technology leading to newer and more advanced products being created, and that is the case when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

We are obviously not suggesting that vacuum cleaners are a new invention, not least because they have been around for over 120 years. Notwithstanding, they have also seen many tectological advances, and one of the more recent has been battery-powered vacuum cleaners being a new addition to the armoury of carpet cleaning products.

The debate which is borne out of the introduction of battery-powered vacuum cleaners is whether they are any better than corded vacuum cleaners. Both battery and corded vacuum cleaners have strong advocates, so we thought we would take a neutral view and let you decide for yourself by providing the cases for and against battery and corded vacuum cleaners, respectively.


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