How Botox Can Help Men

While Botox procedures is usually thought of in terms of reducing wrinkles – and it is mostly women who care about having them – the product can be of great use to men also, but not necessarily for wrinkles. There are several problems men suffer from that can be relieved or alleviated with the use of this drug – many would call it a wonder drug.

Excessive sweating

Men are usually the ones who sweat a lot, especially if they do hard physical work. That’s not so bad, but if they have an office job this can become a real problem. When sweating saturates clothing, sometimes several times a day, in spite of a good dose of antiperspirant and when they don’t have a physically hard job, men feel embarrassed and their clients or customers are put off by it. But Botox injections into the sweat glands can fix it quite simply. This is because it has the effect of freezing the gland so it doesn’t produce perspiration. It’s important to find a doctor who’s experienced in this treatment.


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