Why You Should Forget That Exercise You Hate

Everyone knows about the health benefits of exercise, even if we don’t all do it. Those that do often force themselves to attend the gym or go running rain, hail or shine, but they don’t like it. The trouble with exercise is it is boring. As soon as you hop on that exercise bike you think of something that you could be doing that’s more fun, or else you suddenly remember that you haven’t watered the garden, lawn, pot plants, dog, cat or children.

So off you hop and by the time you’ve done all that it is far too late to start pushing pedals again. Oh darn, it’s time to put tea on, feed the toddler, oversee homework – such fun – and get the kids to bed. After all that’s done you have to stack the dishwasher, wash the floors and windows, pack lunches for tomorrow – and anything else you can think of that is not riding that bike, right?


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