How Funeral Directors Can Help You Repatriate A Deceased Relative

One of the matters relating to bereavement, which a funeral company usually relies upon for assistance and advice, is when someone dies overseas, and the family needs help repatriating the deceased so that their funeral can occur. Although it is a relatively rare occurrence that most families will never need to experience, it can be incredibly challenging for those sharing it. To assist you in grasping the concept of repatriation better, we have gathered information from the professionals at

For anyone unfamiliar with the term ‘repatriation‘, it is the process of enabling the body or remains of someone who has passed away while in a foreign jurisdiction to be returned to their home. The process can be necessary internationally when a person dies in another country and at the federal level when they have passed away in another Australian state.

Repatriation Complexities

From the outset, we will advise that repatriation, for most people, will seem complex, especially if the normal processes are not followed correctly. Remember that each country or federal state will have specific rules, laws, regulations, and administrative requirements, making the process even more confusing. This is why approaching funeral directors and asking for their assistance is paramount.

Another issue, which can often cause upset, is that some countries do not allow bodies to be sent to another country and will insist that the deceased be cremated. Unfortunately, even if the family wishes a burial for their loved one, it may not be possible. It is even the case that the laws in a few countries allow only for local burial, not repatriation. Again, a funeral director will assist you in navigating these legal complexities.


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