The Basics of Landscaping

If you’re into relationships then be aware that one exists between your landscaping and your home. The house exists in reference to its surroundings. It can be a good relationship, or it can be a not so good one, or maybe somewhere in between.

According to Landscaping Sydney, the idea is for the two to co-exist, growing together over time as your landscape meshes to the house.

Garden Planning

Early Planning

When do you get the best landscapes? When the house and landscaping are both in the design stage. If it’s at all possible, especially when building a custom home, make plans for your house and garden together. That way you can get both the landscape design and the home design to work well with each other. Some homes are built with a landscaping package. That’s a good starting point.

Whether it’s custom designed, or part of a deal, you will be able to add, modify and create after you move in, and over the years. Here are some basic landscaping tips from Landscapers Network to consider:


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