5 Ways To Incorporate A Yoga And Meditation Sanctuary Into Your Landscaping Design

Ask any psychologists or health and wellness experts what activities are ideal for promoting mental and physical health, we are sure lots of them would suggest yoga and meditation. Yoga is an activity that not only promotes good joint and muscular health but the relaxation it, and meditation, provide is perfect for promoting mental health too.

If you can have your yoga or meditation sessions outside in the fresh air all the better, which is why, according to landscape design perth experts, creating a sanctuary in your landscaping design is ideal.

Of course, you could simply participate in yoga and meditation by sitting on your lawn but in this article, we are going to explore five ways in which your landscaping design can incorporate a yoga and meditation sanctuary within your garden, and specifically what features will enhance that sanctuary.

Ensure The Sanctuary Is Well-Shaded

Spending some time bathed in sunshine is good for you, but when it comes time to do yoga and meditation hot sunshine is not ideal. It will be hard to clear your mind to meditate if you are hot, thirsty, and have beads of sweating running down your face and back, which is why your sanctuary should be well shaded. This can be achieved by surrounding it with tall bushes or having a sanctuary built that has a roof or is covered with light fabrics to create shade.

Provide Yourself Plenty Of Space With A Focal Point In The Centre

Although yoga does do not require a large area to run around in unlike other activities, however, you do still need a sense of space and freedom to move around freely. This should be considered when designing your sanctuary. It should also have a natural centre where you can focus your body and your mind, therefore the shape of your sanctuary should be square, triangular, or circular as these all have an obvious centre point.


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