7 Awesome Ideas For Using Mirrored Glass In Your Home

Other than glass being used for windows, bottles and shower screens, another of glass’s most common uses is for mirrors. It is not too much of a stretch to say that every home in the modern world has at least one mirror, whether that be a large, mirrored door on a wardrobe, a shaving mirror in the bathroom,  or a small compact mirror in a makeup bag.

It is more than likely that many of us take mirrors almost for granted and do not give them a second thought given that we encounter so many of them each day of our lives. Having said that,  there will also be some who cannot pass a mirror without checking that they look their best.

As well as the common use of glass mirrors in enabling us to see our reflection, when it comes to domestic properties, mirrored glass is also used when they are being designed or redesigned as part of a home renovation, whether that be for the entire house or a single room. There are numerous ways that mirrored glass can be used to augment a home, and here are seven of them.

#1 – Mirrored Walls

If you are seeking the best way to make a small room feel much bigger than they are, then having a mirrored wall is the answer. As well as making the room seem bigger, a mirrored wall can also make the room seem much brighter as it reflects most of the light back into the room.


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