7 Simple Principles of SEO That Anyone Can Do

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your website rank high in the search result for a specific term, so that you get more traffic. According to SEO Perth, there are many elements of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – that may be difficult for the beginner to understand. But there are also simple principles that anyone can do.

  • Write your content for the people you want as customers, not for the search engines. When the Internet was young, many webmasters simply repeated their keywords over and over on the page without any other content. This worked for a short while, but as search engines evolved, even they could see that there was no useful content on the page so such websites did not do well any more. If you write useful information about your product or services – and do it properly – it should contain the keyword you want in a way that is natural. Your customers will be happy and so will the search engines.


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