Waist Training in Seven Steps

As most people will know, seeing results when it comes to your health takes time. When you begin on a weight loss journey, you often don’t see results for several weeks. Or, if you’re adjusting your diet, it may take an equal amount of time to feel better as well.

When it comes to waist training, the same concept applies. You won’t see results immediately, but you will see them over time. By following these seven steps, you will benefit from reaching those goals you set out to achieve.

Step 1

Once you’ve tried on your waist trainer and have got used to how it feels on the last setting, it’s time to begin wearing it. On your first day, wear it to the point that it’s still comfortable and keep it on for one or two hours. Over the following few days, you might like to stretch this out to up to three hours a day.

Step 2

After spending some time adjusting to your waist trainer, try to wear it for up to four hours, but don’t feel pressure to do so. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, pain or extreme levels of discomfort, take it off. Your body will feel constricted, but you shouldn’t feel in pain. During the time you wear it, try to incorporate basic exercises such as Pilates.


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