Tips to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

While planning the wedding and reception often take a lot of discussion and time, often it does not result in a reception that is really memorable. It is easy to get bogged down in the details and just go with what the venue offers for every other wedding they host, so your reception is done in the same old way as every other reception held there. Hiring the right wedding DJ can make a big difference, especially when you have some good ideas that you will need his help in implementing.

Here are some tips on how to make your wedding more memorable.

  • Make a special entrance to the reception. Rather than just having the bride and groom introduced along with their wedding party, the DJ can tell a brief story of how you both met, while the two of you act it out in mime. This doesn’t have to be too complicated. A few different poses may be all you need. You can even have a screen and lighting in position so that guests see your shadows miming. Then at the end of the story you can make your grand entrance.
  • Get personalised pajamas for your bridal party to remember the big day.
  • End on a high note. Many traditional receptions have the guests form a circle so the bridal couple can go around and thank them all. This takes up a lot of time with all but two of the  guests left with nothing to do but look on. Other options include guests all forming a farewell arch with everyone having streamers, balloons or sparklers to send the happy couple on their way in their wedding car.  However, this has to be executed well to be effective and safe, so your DJ will need to explain what is going to happen.


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