The first question that might enter your mind when you read the title is ‘What is a therapeutic landscaping design?’ Assuming you know that therapeutic means the improvement of one’s health, and landscaping is creating a garden to a specific plan and layout, therapeutic landscaping design is thus the creation of a garden or other outdoor space that can contribute to a person’s wellbeing.

How that is achieved can take many forms given the huge diversity of options that you have when planning a garden with your landscapers. However, there are some actions relating to landscaping that can have an especially positive impact on one’s wellbeing and we have highlighted ten of them below.

Get Professional Landscaping Experts To Help You: There is no better way to reduce the stress of planning and creating your landscaping design than to employ professional landscaping experts to do it for you. They will, of course, listen to your ideas and incorporate as many of them as possible.

Create A Water Feature: With a small fountain or a water wall, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing and soothing sounds of the water as it bubbles and flows. This is known to reduce stress and create an extremely relaxing enhancement to your garden.

Include A Larger Proportion Of Local Plants: By using plants that are native to your local area, you are giving them a better chance to thrive, giving local pollinators their favourite plants, and as they usually require less upkeep, the stress of maintaining them is reduced.

Choose Your Favourite Plants: Remember, this is going to be your therapeutic garden so make it so by including as many of your favourite flowers, plants, and trees as you can. This can be extended to including a large proportion of plants and flowers which are your favourite colours.

Set Areas With Specific Purposes: Even in smaller spaces, you can allocate areas of your landscaping design for specific purposes. One area might be where you place food for wildlife, another could be where you can sit and relax, and you may also choose to have a meditation or yoga area.

Ensure You Allow For Plenty Of Natural Light: Sunlight has been proven to be positive for our wellbeing and that is why you must ensure your landscaping design takes account of where the sun is during the day. Be careful you do not have tall trees or a tall fence which cast a shadow for the entire day across your garden.

Use Plants Known To Have Therapeutic Properties: Many plants are well-known to have therapeutic properties, and these should be included. Examples are lavender, rosemary, and chamomile which all have fragrances with calming properties.

Encourage Wildlife Such As Birds: Animals bring delight to most of us which is why we encourage you to make your landscaped garden animal-friendly. Food tables and water for birds and other small animals will bring you delight when you can sit and watch them have their lunch.

Choose Plants That Are Robust And Likely To Thrive: One of the biggest stressors in a garden is the amount of maintenance so why not reduce that stress by having as many robust pants as you can that require minimum maintenance and less remedial action.

Be Mindful Of Access And Pathways: On a practical level, you do not want to be worrying about how safe your garden is so ensure pathways and access throughout are clear and free from hazards. Besides the easier it is to get around the more enjoyable your garden will be.