Yesterday came and went, and without realizing it in yesterday’s ‘My little amendment to the Million Dollar Experiment’ post, it was also the 30th day goal of our unofficial local chapter of The Million Dollar Experiment!

For those who have publicly joined us, Pete, Brenda, Yezhong (who is overseas on a volunteer mission), June, Mikki, Bernie, Adrian and Janet, how has the last 30 days (less for some of you) been? For myself, as I wrote earlier, I’ve made a total of SGD$35 (USD$20.72) so far from the Million Dollar Experiment from an unexpected impulse to sell my old books.

So, in only 30 days, the question is, has the experiment worked, and is it worthwhile to continue?

Like Steve muses on his blog here and here, we can hardly prove anything objective with such a subjective experiment. So let me tell you what I’ve experienced from a subjective point of view.

From doing the intention I noticed that it began to make me more focused on money, how much of it was in my life, how much more of it I wanted, what the positive effects of having more money would be and how I could make more of it (I wrote more about this in my first update to the Million Dollar Experiment).

How come? What setting an intention seems to do to my consciousness is give my mind a specific set of instructions; this is what I want, make it happen. And it feels especially useful when I do it early in the morning. I feel like I’m literally programming my mind and mapping out its direction for the day.

Giving my mind instructions via intentions instead of letting it muck around haphazardly feels like the difference between using a diffused ceiling light and a focused laser. The light from a ceiling light doesn’t travel very far and is spread all over but a focused laser is directional and can be shot long distances.

With a specific intention I’m concentrating my mind’s focus and letting it shoot straight at its target. Instead of letting it spread itself out to irrelevant areas, I’m saying, more of wealth, and now, love and happiness.

I’d say that the biggest benefit for me in these last 30 days hasn’t been the $35 I made, it’s what I’ve learnt about the usefulness of intentions. And for this, I’ve got to thank Steve. I’ve heard about intentions before but thought they were kind of kooky, with the Million Dollar Experiment I got a chance to take a chance, and now I’m sold.

Will I continue? With the benefits of:

1) A bonus $35,

2) Increased feelings of hope and well-being from setting a positive direction for the day,

3) A collective mind-force of 405 people setting a common intention and a grand total of USD$37,945.26 manifested so far (see here),