If, unfortunately, you have lost a tooth, or worse, several teeth, then it is possible that you will want to replace them as soon as possible. Thankfully, there is no shortage of possibilities in terms on how you replace them, and if you are looking for one which is as close to permanent as there is, then dental implants is the option you should choose.

Admittedly, it is one that is likely to cost the most, but, as you are about to discover, with the longevity of dental implants, the cost over time is comparable with many of the other solutions available to you. To give you an indication of how good dental implants are, here are 7 benefits that they provide those who choose them as the replacement for their missing teeth.

Extremely Comfortable

This is often cited by many people who have switched to dental implants rom dentures and bridges as the biggest difference that they have found. Although there may be some tenderness in the days after the procedure to fit dental implants, once that has gone, you will literally not notice that you have dental implants fitted. Compare that to dentures which tend to move and in doing so can rub against your gums, making them tender.

Your Facial Structure And Appearance Are Enhanced

There is the obvious issue of having gaps in your smile, and with some solutions for those missing teeth such as dentures and fixed bridges, patients often find their facial features are somewhat awry as their mouth and face try to compensate for these being place. With dental implants being fixed to your jaw, your face’s contours are normal, and your smile is restored.

Your Speech Is Unhindered

Many solutions for missing teeth take a lot of getting used to, and even then, many users find that their speech is impaired as their tongue catches what is holding their bridge in place, or their dentures move as they are talking. Even, if nothing physical prevents someone talking, subconsciously they alter their speech. Dental implants take away all these issues and allow you talk naturally, normally, and unhindered.

Your Jawbone’s Integrity Is Strengthened

Whenever you lose a tooth, the bone that surrounded it is rendered redundant to an extent and with anything that is not used or needed , it can diminish. With dental implants , the screw which is fixed to the bone, gives the bone stimulation and it is therefore brought back to life and strengthened as a result. This is multiplied several times over when multiple teeth are replaced by dental implants meaning your entire jawbone is fortified.

You Can Chew Normally

Ask any denture or bridge wearer what their biggest gripe is about wearing them, and they are almost certain to say it hinders their ability to chew food, and thus mealtimes can be a less than enjoyable experience. This will certainly not be something you need to worry about if you have dental implants. With dental implants, there is nothing that will hamper your ability to chew in any way, and given how strong they are, even the crunchiest of foods can be on the menu.

Durable And Last For Years

Other tooth replacement solutions will need to be replaced a lot sooner than dental implants will. With the fact that they are fixed to your jawbone using pins and screws made from titanium, one of the hardest metals on the planet, it is little wonder why they can often last upwards of 15 – 20 years if they are cared for properly and the person has excellent bone structure in their jaw.

Reduces The Chances Of Further Teeth Being Lost

If you have a missing tooth it means the teeth on either side of the gap can move and also have more pressure applied to them when you are chewing. This can weaken them to the point that they become loose and ultimately fall out. With a dental implant filling that gap, it supports the adjacent teeth and negates the risk of further tooth loss.