It is a near certainty that at some point in the last few weeks most people reading this will have walked on an epoxy flake floor coatings. Now, you most probably did not realise you were at the time, but the fact is there are literally thousands of businesses and domestic settings that have epoxy flake floors.

If you were to ask anyone why they have flake floors, they might offer you some generic reply about them ‘looking good’ or being ‘tough’. (That is the floors we are referring to, not the people being asked the question). However, there are actually several benefits that epoxy floors can offer, and if you are considering a new floor, you should consider them all carefully during your new construction, renovation or shop fit out.

It Is an Economical Choice

Having an epoxy flake floor installed is likely to be a lot more affordable than you might expect. Obviously, if you are having a huge business complex done, it is going to cost a fair bit,  but in relative terms, whether you are doing it a large scale, or just one room, compared to many other flooring options, it is very cost-effective.

Minimal Upheaval

Annoyingly, closing your business if you have to in order to have flake flooring installed will hit your revenue, however, you will be relieved to know that the installation is relatively quick. Certainly, compared to removing an existing floor, which can take many days, it takes less time, even allowing for the time needed for the epoxy coating to set properly.

Slip Resistant

One of the reasons you will see many buildings with epoxy flake floors is that the surface the coating creates are slip resistant. This surprises many people who, when they see its shiny and smooth surface, think it is slippery. However, it is not, and thus it provides a safe surface for the many hundreds, and thousands of visitors, staff, and customers who might walk on it on any given day.

Low Maintenance

The resin and gloss finish on epoxy flake floors mean that maintaining them is so easy. They require only simple cleaning methods such as brushing, mopping, and occasional buffing to keep them looking as good as new, for an exceptionally long time.


Epoxy flake floors are one of the most durable that you can install, which means their lifespan is a long one. As well as withstanding millions of footsteps over time, they can also resist being damaged from falling objects, and in those locations where chemicals, solvents, and oils are used, such as garages, workshops, and factories, they will not suffer if any of these are spilled on them.


We have already mentioned some of the different locations and types of premises that flake floors are suitable for, and that brings us to another of their benefits, namely versatility. They can be used as flooring in just about any type of business or organisation’s premises you can think of, plus there are many domestic uses for them too.

Visually Appealing

For some, this is the top benefit of epoxy flake floors. The aesthetics they can create within what might have previously been just a plain, unimpressive room, are amazing. This is helped by the massive array of designs, patterns, and colours that you can choose from when selecting a flake floor.