On the 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, I wonder if I could cheat a little and start yesterday, because I had such a wonderful day.

My friends and I were meeting at the beach for a nice group dinner, but a couple decided to meet earlier for a seaside jog. I’m not that keen into running, but I love cycling, and volunteered to carry their bags on my bike.

The weather was beautiful. All perfect for an afternoon jog. As the sun went down, I cycled onto a pier and watched the sea, and felt the cool breeze against my skin. I breathed in deep, and felt good to be alive.

I also bumped into my pretty younger cousin who was cycling with her friends. One of my running friends runs a model agency and he asked me to ask her for an interview! Nice! We’re meeting her again later this week, and I hope this opportunity works out well for her as I know her family is not doing so well.

Later, after a warm dinner amongst 7 riends, I cycled back home (with some difficulty, cus I was stuffed!). Cycling along the beach at night is a singular experience, there’s hardly anyone else around, a cool sea breeeze is blowing, and the lights of the ships sparkle along the horizon.

All in all, a fantastic way to spend the day.

Now I throw the challenge back to you: What is at least one good thing that happened to you yesterday? If you’re reading this, leave a comment and write it down.