Today I met up with an old schoolmate of mine, we’ve known each other for nearly 9 years now and he’s one of the best friends I have.

We went to the Esplanade roof-top, a cultural building just besides the river. And as we both laid there on the wooden floor, just lazing and gazing up at the sky, he said; ‘how often do you get to just lie here on a monday afternoon on the roof of the Esplanade, watching the sky and looking at planes flying overhead leaving little cloud trails in their wake?’

And it was true, it was only because of the craziest of coincidences that we’d both decided to leave our jobs and be freelancers that we could be there at that moment enjoying each other’s company. Not to mention the years of jokes, poking fun at each other, hardships and heart-to-heart talks that we’ve seen each other through that’s built our friendship to the level it is now.

I’m really grateful to have him in my life, and to enjoy his friendship still after all these years. In fact, my polytechnic friends are amongst the best I have and I’m so grateful for them all.

Which are the moments in your life that you get to spend with your favorite people that you’re most grateful for?

P.S. After (much) hinting from Stuart, I’d like to announce that (ahem cough cough) I’m grateful to him as well (ahem ahem cough).

Just kidding! 😉

In fact, thanks Stuart for the invite to your Internet Marketing seminars. It’s been a blast and I really appreciate it.