Everyone will agree that a positive attitude is one that is essential for peak performance living. One of the key parts to a positive attitude that I outlined in 9 Keys to Overcoming Difficult Times is an attitude that allows us to acknowledge what is already going well in our lives and appreciate them for their value. I’m talking of course, about the attitude of gratitude.

I was admonished by a friend once; she said that even though I live a relatively blessed life, I kept focusing on the negatives in my life, making me feel like my life wasn’t going well at all. And because of feeling negative and less than, it hindered my forward focus and thus the results in my life. I had to admit, it was true. How many people do we all know that are in a fantastic situation somewhere in their life, maybe they were born wealthy, or have a interesting job, or in a loving relationship, but all we hear from them are complaints over and over again about how miserable they are, and they never seem to appreciate just what they have instead of missing what they don’t?

Conversely, we all know of people who don’t have a lot, but are constantly cheerful about life, and if asked, can probably tell you loads of things they are thankful for in their lives at a drop.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel that a constant sense of well-being and cheerfulness is quite desirable 😉

So how do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude? We start everyday. For the next 7 days I’m going to be posting everyday about something I’m grateful about that’s happened that day. Wherever and whenever you are, when you read the 7 days of Gratitude posts, I encourage you to add a comment of your own about what you’ve grateful about that day.

Even better, I encourage you to join me in this 7 day challenge!

Sound interesting?