One of the dilemmas many dog owners have when it comes time to consider dog grooming is whether to try it themselves and save a bit of money or invest in a professional dog groomer. We do suggest that if you have a tight budget and the cost of a professional is beyond you, do not simply ignore the fact that your dog needs grooming. You grooming them will always be better than them not being groomed at all.

However, if the cost of a dog groomer, which in truth is not a lot, is within your household budget, then we strongly advise you to use one. Several benefits will accrue from doing so for you, and especially for your dog.

They Know What They Are Doing

The most obvious benefit of using a professional dog groomer is that they know what they are doing. Presuming you take time to research local groomers and are satisfied that the one you choose is a professional with a track record, they will certainly have had grooming training. In addition, in the time that they have been doing grooming professionally, they will have gained experience and additional knowledge on the best ways to groom dogs.

They Will Use All The Right Tools And Equipment

If you groom your dog at home you will most likely use the scissors that are in the kitchen drawer, and possibly an old comb. Conversely, a professional dog groomer will have all the proper tools and reequipment necessary to properly groom dogs. This will include a range of scissors types, tools for de-matting their fur and also safe and healthy shampoos.

They Have Experience In Handling Dogs Of All Types

One thing every dog lover knows is that no two dogs are 100% alike. There are differences in size, breed, personality, and coats. You can be sure that a professional dog groomer will have dealt with most types of dogs. This is especially important when it comes to a dog’s character, and they know exactly how to deal with timid and nervous dogs, and also excitable dogs who would rather play than sit still and be groomed.

They Can Trim Nails Correctly

We all assume that dog groomers know how to deal with a dog’s coat, but another important skill that is highly desirable is being able to cut a dog’s nails. Dog owners are often terrified of this task as they fear injuring their dogs. Thankfully, professional groomers know where to cut so the dog is not harmed in any way.

They Can Spot Potential Skin And Coat Problems

Another highly valuable benefit of taking your dog regularly to a professional groomer is that as they examine your dog their knowledge and experience will alert them to anything which might be untoward concerning the health of your dog’s coat and skin. As such it can allow for early medication or treatment so that the issue does not escalate.

They Can Give You Sound Advice On Caring For Your Dog’s Skin And Coat

Whilst your dog groomer has an important role to play concerning the health of your dog’s coat, so do you, and arguably in a much bigger sense. You spend every day with your dog, so the advice that your dog groomer provides about maintaining the health of their coat and skin is highly valuable and beneficial for your dog.

Proper Grooming Is Essential For The Well-Being Of Your Dog

Last, but certainly not least, is the simple fact that your dog’s well-being is, in part, dependent on them being properly groomed regularly. You can take them for all the walks you like, and feed them the best quality steak, but if their skin and coat are not looked after, including regular grooming, it can have a hugely detrimental impact on their health.