I don’t claim to have all the answers on how to create a successful blog – in fact, I’d be wary of anyone who’d say he does. I don’t claim to have a wildly successful blog either, so investigate what I say. But there have been lessons along the way, running Life Coaches Blog for near 3 years now. And these 9 points are how I’d summarize them.

1. Know What You Want Out of It

To be successful, you have to define how you’re going to measure it, or you’ll always be chasing after rainbows.

2. Money Goes Second

Profit is a worthwhile and practical goal, but if you don’t make something worthwhile first no one will ever pay for it.

3. Be Original

There really is no use opening another candy store along a street of candy stores. Don’t copy. Stretch. Create original.

4. Make Something Worth a Damn

How does your blog change the world? People visit your site to improve their lives. It doesn’t have to be emotional surgery, a blog about funny cats cheers me up everyday.

5. Find Your Voice

Be you. You might want to write like Steve Pavlina but find you swear like Naomi Dunford. It’s okay. Stay honest. You can’t make a voice, but you can find your own and sing it with all your might.

6. Evolve

You can’t say the same thing today you were saying two years ago. You have to grow, and your site has to grow with you. This is not an option.

7. Live a Life Worth Reading About

A life unlived is not worth reading about. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to write a kick-ass blog, but you have to make your life – either inner, outer or both – interesting enough to make people interested.

8. Blogging is Publishing

Tricks like SEO are important. But don’t mistake the tools for the craft. Learn the tools of your craft and then make something great with it.

9. Brand Yourself

Don’t be generic. Create your own personal global microbrand. Stand out for you…otherwise what are you working so hard for?

And as a bonus, here’s key number 10.

10. There Are No Rules

Someone can break all these rules and still become a successful blogger. Who knows? The world is big enough. Listen but don’t be a slave to advice. There are no guarantees. Find your own path by walking.