Now that you’ve discovered how you can be empowered as easily as you can find yourself speaking the mantras that you choose. I wonder if you have installed some powerful stuff for yourself?

Some of you may ask whether this a form of self-deceit? Let’s be honest here, when was the last time a belief, an attitude that you hold or a faith that you keep limit you from feeling or doing good? Are those absolute truths like the sun will rise from the east and set the west? Uh huh…I didn’t think so too.

Case in point, if we look at all the personal mantras we choose to speak, do they reflect absolute truth or are they just a chosen set of belief/value which calls for a certain type of action?

What I’m saying here is that it doesn’t really matter whether they are backed by scientific proof or academic studies. What really does matter is whether the attitude that you hold is useful, appropriate and ethical. The evidence procedure of their effectiveness comes from whether you get the results that you want in a manner that is acceptable to you.

Take the Million Dollar Experiment for example. All I need to do is to sit down for 1 single minute a day to manifest wealth to come into my life as well as others’ and it doesn’t cost me a cent. (Heaven knows how much time I idle away thinking about stuffs that aren’t useful at all!) Before I become skeptical about the practicality of this experiment, I remember saying to myself: “Just whack lah (Alvin’s Mantra in colloquial English known in this part of the world as Singlish, loosely translated meaning Just Do It!!)”

“Just whack lah, I feel good for no good reason”
I’m happy to report that over the past 2 days, even while not expecting for things to happen, I inherited $58.65 from my late grandma and found $50 cash by an automated teller.

The Apparent Reason for No Good Reason (to feeling good) is simply to make sure that in the case when a vacuum is created while I am searching for a reason for something, I remain positive.

It’s about a choice and if you submit to your choice of having no choice, which by the way is a choice, you have just given yourself the permission to make you feel bad! IF you consistently condition yourself to feel good for no good reason, I guarantee you’ll find serendipity.

Be well.

Watch out for AA1.2: Making others feel good for No Good Reason