How You Can Successfully Keep a Preschooler Engaged in Speech Therapy

Speech therapy, or speech pathology, can benefit any preschooler, child, teen, or adult. According to speech pathologists, for a child, teen, or adult, it can be something that they understand the benefits of and will try their hardest to make it work for them.

A preschooler, however, often has other ideas. They want to move around, play, and engage with their surroundings and may not necessarily understand how speech pathology works or how it can help them.

New techniques must then be implemented to ensure they get the most out of it and keep them engaged and enthused. Read on to learn what it takes to give your preschooler the best of both worlds in a speech pathology setting.

Motivation Through Movement

Preschoolers and young children love to move, so no speech pathologist can expect a child to sit on a complex, uncomfortable “grown-ups” chair while learning new speech skills. Create a space that encourages them to try different sitting and standing positions while they know.

Possible options might include bean bag chairs, stools, a comfortable rug, a yoga ball, or a comfy couch. Having many options can evoke a sense of curiosity that encourages the child to engage.


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Tune In – Give the Gift of Listening

Think of a time you were conversing with someone. As you talked with them you noticed the lights were on, but nobody was home. You may say they were in la la land or daydreaming. When was the last time you got the blank stare from someone? We have all probably experienced chatting with a friend or having a discussion with our spouse only to realize they are off in another world.

We may ask; “Did you hear me?” to which they quickly respond with; “Huh? Yeah…” Parents sometimes experience this when they are correcting their teenager. The teenager rolls the eyes or looks everywhere else except for in the eyes of their parent. All too often this happens. Not only has it happened to us, but we have also done it to others.


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Proof That Happy People Are Good For You!

Kathy Sierra has posted scientific evidence of why building secret rapport with great feelings work!

In that post, I detailed a 9 step process to build rapport secretly by making yourself feel wonderful and then extending that feeling to others.

In Kathy’s fabulous post; Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain, she talks about scientific research that I had no idea about, including mirror neurons. Get this:


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Build Secret Rapport with Great Feelings

How would you like to be more attractive, and develop strong rapport with that special someone and feel fantastic at the same time?

Reading my friend Kloudiia’s post on her Dating Affairs blog about the 5th secret to your Attractive Quotient made me remember this little visualization that helps you increase good feelings and rapport.

Ever been with someone who’s had such good energy that you feel energized yourself just by being with this person? Doesn’t having this effect on you make you want to hang around this person more? Want to be a people magnet yourself?

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How to Give Your Special Someone a Magical Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Now, if I had a special someone to celebrate it with (I don’t…volunteers anyone?), I’d know what I want to do for her on Valentine’s. I’ve always believed that the greatest gift you can give someone isn’t something from a paper bag, it’s something from the heart. Something that really touches someone at the core of who they are, not just on a material level (which is nice too…expensive gifts for me, anyone?).

So, how would I do that?

At the risk of repeating myself from the Give Someone a Magical Christmas post, I would write down and complete this sentence, on a nice card or piece of paper:

Who you are makes a difference to me because

and list out all the many ways this special person makes a difference in my life.

How does your special someone make a difference in your life? You letting them know exactly just how special they are to the special person in their life (ie YOU) will touch them in ways they’ll never expect (and maybe lead to you being touched in ways you never expect ;D ).

Failing that, this place has some great Valentines Day gift ideas for adults, – it’s suitably risque, but lots of fun!

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Give Someone a Magical Christmas

Season’s Greetings! It’s the festive time of year again for (more) good will and good cheer.

I’ve always felt more reflective near the end of the year, it seems a time for me to reflect and review on the year before and plan ahead for the year to come.

And when it comes to buying gifts for friends and family, I prefer to eschew buying widgets. I like to take advantage of the season to give something a little more personal to the people dear to me.


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Thinking Negative

David Seah has a hilarious post over at his blog, ‘Thinking Negative’ that’s giving me some ideas on how to write my future posts:

“No no no, that’s not how it works.” the ghost said impatiently. “If you’d had any real talent, it would have manifested itself—at the latest—by your 21st birthday. Too bad you didn’t do more work in high school and college…that might have made up for your dearth of talent, and you could have gone to a really good grad school. Then you might have had a shot. But no…I want to find my passion…” The ghost minced around in a circle, hands waving in mock panic. “I need to know my purpose in life! I’m a maverick! I’m a lone wolf!” (more…)

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Try: Being in Limbo

In some LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) and indeed in many coaching methodology, the word TRY is somewhat like a banned word. Many like to quote the green guru of 800 years old of the Star Wars fame:

“Do, or do not. There is no TRY!”
Yoda said it right.

The argument is that TRY presupposes the possibility of failing. Many organizations have already dropped “trial and error” to put in place “test and measure” for the same reason.


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