How would you like to be more attractive, and develop strong rapport with that special someone and feel fantastic at the same time?

Reading my friend Kloudiia’s post on her Dating Affairs blog about the 5th secret to your Attractive Quotient made me remember this little visualization that helps you increase good feelings and rapport.

Ever been with someone who’s had such good energy that you feel energized yourself just by being with this person? Doesn’t having this effect on you make you want to hang around this person more? Want to be a people magnet yourself?

It Starts With You First

  1. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed, or risk looking goofy.
  2. Remember the last time you felt absolutely estactic. No wimpy good feelings here, I’m talking about totally infused with complete joyfulness from the top of your head to the ends of your feet. Or the nearest equivalent. Be one with your memory, feel what you felt, see what you saw, hear what you heard until you feel those wonderful feelings again.
  3. Notice what this feeling looks, feels and sounds like. Where does this feeling start from in your body? Your chest, stomach, throat? What color would it be, if it had a color? What sounds would this feeling make?
  4. Intensify! Make the feeling, color and sound spread throughout your entire body, filling every single cell with estasy! Let out a big ‘ooooooo’ if you wanna 😉Now To Build Secret Rapport!
  5. It’s time to test this technique the next time you’re out with someone new or just recently met people you already know you probably already have some rapport going).
  6. During your meeting let the esctatic good feelings bubble up again inside you. Imagine the feeling, color and sound of that great feeling spreading through your entire body. It might help you to concentrate if you’re sitting down talking somewhere instead of walking about. Remember to continue to listen to the conversation!
  7. Now, imagine the feeling, color and sound of this incredible feeling reaching out to the other person. Imagine this feeling growing outside of yourself, and let it extend to the other person, bathing them in the colors and sounds of this feeling as well.
  8. Notice how differently you feel! At this point, you’ll notice a shifting in the way you feel. It’s hard to describe, but for me it’s like the energies of the other person and mine ‘settle’ into one another’s, and I find myself relaxing and feeling closer to him or her.
  9. If you’re willing to sound a little silly, ask him/her if she feels differently just now. If you’re not afraid of sounding like some new agey hipster, and if you think the other person’s open to it, ask her if she feels differently.

If you’re afraid of looking kooky after confessing, just tell them the truth: you’ll like to have a deeper relationship with them so much that you’re willing to learn and test out new ways to do so, even if you fall flat on your face and look silly.

Is This A Secret Jedi Mind Trick?

Why or how does this work? I could tell you all about magical auras, secret mojo, or Seven Star Seduction Kung Fu, but I don’t really know. I suspect it has to be with the power of our unconscious minds to send and receive signals outside of our conscious awareness (like body language and pheromes).

But is any of that important? Nope! The most important bit for you to know is if this works or not. And the first way to do that is, as always, test it out!

The Biggest Secret of All

Is no real secret really: Share your energy with good intention. When you’re reaching out with your good feelings to ‘envelop’ the other person, do so with the good intention of sharing. This isn’t about ‘mindwashing’ or ‘controlling’ the other person, in fact, doing this technique with less than fair intentions will break rapport instead of gain it.

The other person might not understand why, but our unconscious minds are quicker at picking up vibes than we suspect. Remember, above all else the key to building lasting rapport is to lead with good intent.