Running around like a chicken on fire greased with Tabasco is actually the easier thing.

The harder thing is to freeze, not do anything and have a Zen moment.

But the Zen moments are quintessentially important.

Piling on more miles with that burning chicken makes you feel like you’re getting places, touching base, getting things done. It’s medal to the metal efficiency.

But it’s the Zen moments that tell you if you’re running in the right direction. In the Zen moments, you get to think. You’re looking at the map. And you might just dare to change course as a result.

To stretch a seriously cuckoo metaphor further, Fire Chickens run faster, further, while carrying more and more on their shoulders. Zen Chickens pack light, carry a compass and have a map marked with the destination.


“Productivity” isn’t about-about making more widgets per hour or being efficient and organized for its own anal-retentive sake. Real productivity means getting faster at moving the crap off your desk so you can have room to focus on the creative work that only you can do.

Merlin Mann