New parents may not have had the advantage of younger siblings to look after as they grew up. This makes it a bit more difficult to know how to raise their own children.  While they may embrace parenthood with delight, not all new parents fly through raising their children at stages such as childcare without making some mistakes in the process.

Here are some mistakes that new parents often make when raising their children

  • Allowing toddlers to choose what they want to eat. Of course they won’t starve, but they are likely to end up with a very poor diet, especially if they are picky eaters to start with. If you only serve up what they want, they’ll very likely choose foods that are oversweet and easy to eat. As they get older this will become a real problem, with meat and vegetables most often on the refusal list.

  • Letting a toddler have their own way all the time because it is easier. Again, the toddler will get used to calling the tune and want their own way even when it is not safe or healthy for them. You can get a child to do what you want with a combination of distraction and rewards, depending on their age.
  • Threatening the child with punishment but never carrying it out. The child gets to know it will never happen and go merrily on their way doing what they want and causing chaos. That’s not to say they should be punished harshly. You have to be just and fair and make sure the ‘punishment’ fits the crime and the age.
  • Leaving toddlers unattended in the bath or cot. It is understandable that a bit of time without your toddler is needed. But leaving them alone in the tub is not that time. And leaving them unattended in their cot when they are awake can be just as dangerous, especially if they can grab a cord from the blind or a mobile hanging nearby.
  • Picking up the baby at the first – and every – little whimper. This is not necessary and will only wear you out. Of course they should not be left to cry for hours. But ten minutes won’t hurt them. It’s good exercise for their lungs. Little whimpers can often be ignored and the baby will settle on their own.
  • Not properly installing the car seat. Have it done by a professional; your infant’s life may depend on it.
  • Not offering a variety of foods and flavours once the baby is older. The more variety a toddler has access to, the more chance of him embracing a healthy diet.
  • Not organising help. If baby never sees anyone’s face but yours, they will never want to let you out of their sight. This makes childcare and schooling very difficult.