I went through a cupboard full of old things last weekend as part of decluttering for Chinese New Year, and ended up throwing away lots of old stuff.

But it wasn’t easy. In fact, I dug up books that I hadn’t seen in years, and if you know me, you know I have a great fondness for books. I grew up with some of these books and boy, did they bring back some memories.

I was having a tough time clearing them out, which I realized was strange. Here I was; suddenly feeling nostalgic for things I hadn’t seen in years, when in all these years previously I’d nary given them a second thought.

I realized it was the past I was feeling nostalgic over, and these books had just triggered that for me. While I deeply treasure the happy memories growing up with these books gave me, the past was just that…the past, and I figured I’d always feel nostalgia for the past. I couldn’t keep every old thing with me simply because it reminded me of the past, and certainly not children’s books which I no longer read.

Have you ever had the experience of throwing out something that was a link to your past? What made you decide you could let it go peacefully?

P.S. I threw out the books, but my mom asked and my neighbor’s little girl took them home.