What do I mean when I said “Don’t say what you mean”
What I mean is “Say What You Want!!!”
One of my friends made major purchase as a present for himself (e.g. new shirts, watches, etc.) after series of hard work to achieve certain goals. Listen to how my friend response to his friend comment’s
His friend comment: “Wohh.. You got a lot of money and really rich Huh.” (With sarcastic tonality)
He responded: “Oh… no no no lah… I just …” (With shy tonality)
When you reply with that words and tonality, your energy has been sucked by “Emotional Vampire” already
Have you ever encounterd those “Emotional Vampire” lately? They are everywhere those negative people.
What I rather encourage you to do is
1) Accept the way you are by saying “Oh, thank you, yes I deserve this because…” and
2) Say what you want “Yes, I’m planning to get richer this year by…”
With this response, you won’t be bit by the Vampire; your energy and self image will still remain on solid ground.
PS: I write this post in the morning, because every morning my brain processor speed seems to work faster than normal. How about your? What time of the day that your brain works fastest? During driving, after 1AM or taking bathe?