This may a little bit deviate from Alvin’s theme on Gratitude. At the same time, from another angle it’s really related because you should be gratified of all the challenges that are coming into your life.

And that’s reason why you should be comfortable coming out of your comfort zone.

If you remember the earlier post by Alvin on stretching, yes, stretching will get your comfort zone bigger and you should be comfortable with getting the stretch.

In this case, you just go out of your comfort zone, act comfortably, has all the great fun you can acquire and get your comfort zone bigger. This is what I call Process Oriented Goal.

You must have “Process-Oriented Goal” POG to get comfortable outside your comfort zone. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have “Result-Oriented Goal” ROG what I saying here is to add Process-Oriented Goal too.

Result-Oriented Goal makes you stretch, give you stress and uncomfortable which will lead to vision, focus and expand your mind.  Traditional Push and Pull Forces

Process-Oriented Goal brings you joy, happiness, comfortable and ease of doing it.  Stabilizing factor to balance the Push and Pull Forces

Set ROG and make sure POG is in place, then forget about ROG and focus POG and you will get to ROG in no time.

ROG: I have to reduce 10 Kg before Valentine Day
POG: I can enjoy jogging with my dog every morning.

ROG: I need to earn $1,000,000 in 3 years
POG: I learn to love what I have, who I am and what I do every single moment.

I learned this hard way; because when I weighed 106 kg, I’ve been “TRYING” very hard to reduce weight…it took me 12 months to reduced to 97 kg. But once I apply POG, I went to 87kg in 5 weeks.

Got the picture?

Like what I always do during my coaching session on fitness or trading with my clients, we will develop the balanced approach of POG and ROG.

I encourage you to leave your ROG as a comment and let see how can we set POG to balance the forces.