How are you standing in the way of your dreams and goals?

It’s time to stop telling yourself lies, stop making excuses and (gulp) take a long hard look at what role you are playing in your current situation.

If you’re willing to ask yourself the hard questions now, you can save yourself from facing them as even bigger roadblocks in the future. But if you skip this step, you’ll keep coming up against these same issues over and over again, no matter how hard you work.

If you can:

1) See things as they really are, and

2) Accept responsibility for your role in making them that way,

Then you can regain your power and fully claim the fearless life you deserve.

The good news is that by doing this essential work, you can clear most of what’s been stopping you from living your dreams.

More often than not, “you” are what is standing in the way of achieving your goals or living your dreams. And that’s a good thing!

Why is that a good thing? Because “you” is something you can do something about. Not so with other people or outside situations, which you need to accept and work with as they are.

What’s Fear Got To Do With It?

Once you uncover the truth about your own role in keeping yourself down, it might be scary to consider the changes you’re going to have to make.

As well, you will likely have to give up some long-standing beliefs, and even though they’re getting in your way, maybe they’re all you’ve even known.

It’s scary to not know exactly what’s going to replace those beliefs and how your life will look and feel once you’ve made those changes.

No one likes to look at the ugliest parts of themselves and admit their own shortcomings. Yet, on the other side of this process, you will experience a huge weight being lifted from your shoulders. Lying to others takes a lot of energy, but lying to yourself takes a hundred times more energy.

The bad news is that you were contributing to the problem all along, but the great news is that now you can fix it!

You’re not hiding behind denial anymore, and that new sense of vulnerability holds a certain power. Anything is possible now.

Get Real

To start the process of getting real, consider the 5 questions about yourself you’re most afraid to hear the answers to. Then, ask a trusted friend or partner for their honest feedback, and open yourself up to hear it.

Congratulations on your extraordinary fearlessness!