In Getting Your Life On Track Part 1, we discovered a way to find out if the things we spend our time on are really that urgent and important.

In Getting Your Life On Track Part 2 we revealed how you could use that understanding to develop clear and important goals for yourself, so you’d always know you’re doing what you could best be doing.

In Getting Your Life On Track Part 3 we learned how dumping it, stuffing it and dealing it could help you unload your overload and reduce the anxiety you feel in your life.

It can be very stress-relieving to do core-dumps, and inspiring to set important goals for your roles. But how do you make sure you live in the flow constantly, instead of having it just another productivity pump-up that doesn’t last?

Here are 2 methods; they’re simple, but not always easy.

The Daily Review

Keep your goals and daily actions in a place where you can see them everyday. I keep them in my mobile and on my PC desktop.

Also keep your steps simple and actionable. The difference between ‘make more money’ and ‘look through the classifieds for new openings’ is that one is do-able.

The Weekly Review

Every week, do a review of your roles and goals – are they still the most important or have your priorities shifted? If you feel like you have a lot weighing on your mind, dump, stuff and deal it.

These 2 steps are simple, but not always easy, because they need consistent action on. The only real peace of mind is in knowing that everyday, you are taking steps towards what’s important to you, and that takes a constant review of where you are and where you want to go.

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