Today I mourn the loss of a dear friend, a good brother who never failed to warm your heart with his cheerful disposition, lend a helping hand when you were down and give generously to those in need. He inspired me through his actions, his accomplishments and his struggles against all odds, to be a better person. Therefore I beg your indulgence for a few moments as I share with you my personal impression of him.

I remembered that during one of the difficult periods in my life, he was there encouraging me. He would say, “E, you’re still young, you have plenty of good things waiting for you, so don’t let this thing bog you down, never give up on yourself”.

He would go on to share with me, the various episodes of his life and how he carried on despite the overwhelming odds he faced, illustrating that life sometimes confronts us with difficult choices. Though not all choices we make might necessarily be wise, we can only hope to grow wiser and stronger in the future. He never gave up on anyone, he believed in people and the potential for goodness in humanity. He knew that unpleasant things sometimes happen to good men and it should never be an excuse for us to betray or compromise our conscience.

This friend and brother was a most remarkable man with a strong sense of purpose, determination and the capacity to care, which impressed me deeply. He would share his dreams and plans of what he would like to do for his fellows, and he would work to execute it.

His charity, concerns and the capacity to care, never failed to leave an indelible impression on those whose path he crossed. He would make sure you always felt welcome in his presence, regardless of your worldly status (or lack of, as in my case). He would visit an old friend to see how he was doing, and even arrange for any medical care out of his own pocket selflessly. Such was the magnanimous nature of the man.

I am most honored to have known him and called him my Brother, and I will miss him. In closing, I quote from a proverb “Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”.