Some women develop wrinkles at a relatively early age. In our culture, wrinkles are seen as ugly and a sign that we are aging. For women who are young this can really have an impact on both their social and work life. That is why many turn to Botox as the answer when wrinkle cream or chemical peels don’t help.

When wrinkling happens – even if it is only due to laughing a lot – people tend to think you are older than you actually are. This can cause you to be passed over for that promotion, or if you are applying for a job, a younger looking person may be given preference, even if you have better qualifications. This is because the company will be looking for long-term commitment with the fewest health issues. The older you are – or look – the more likely it is that you could suffer poor health.

Of course, they have your age written down on your resume to ensure they know the truth, but they may think you falsified it, or that you are aging faster than normal. But if you get those Botox injections and show up for your interview with no wrinkles, then it is highly likely you will get the job.

Social life is another way in which you can be affected by wrinkles. These days many women are still dating in their early thirties or even later if they have just separated from a partner. If you have wrinkles, which may even have been caused by the stress of the separation, you will find it much more difficult to get a date. If you find older men are asking you out instead of someone your own age, this could be the reason.

It could be time to go for that Botox treatment – unless you actually like to date older men. Having Botox will get rid of those wrinkles and make you look much younger and prettier. With a new outfit and some make-up on you could pass for someone 5 or 10 years younger. This sure to improve your life a great deal.

When you look old and wrinkled before your time it can make you feel the way you look and also behave like it. Your friends will very likely go and find someone else they can laugh and joke with and you’ll be left to yourself.

It is not just about the way others perceive you, but how you feel about yourself. With no wrinkles, your self-esteem will go up and you will be more confident. This in itself will attract others to you, whether they are friends or potential suitors. When you have a lot of friends your social life will improve dramatically. There will always be someone to go out with or talk to.