Your digital marketing plan for your website should allow you to get the email addresses of people interested in your product or service, you can then market to them via email. This is worth the time and effort it takes because those leads are considered ‘hot’ or at least ‘warm’. That is, they are interested in what you have to offer, so are more likely to buy.

That said, you don’t want to continually shove your offerings at them. First of all you should send them a welcome email – you can set this up to be done automatically. Then you can send them even more information than was on your website in the next email. After that, you can send them more information and a link to purchase the product.

The information you send doesn’t have to be a lot. A simple tip or two will be enough. You can actually get people to sign up by offering them information in digital form. However, rather than giving them a whole PDF of information, why not offer an e-course, done by email. You can set this up ahead of time to go out automatically every few days or perhaps weekly, whichever seems good to you.

So you are keeping in contact with your customers and they will get to know you and understand that you have good tips and hints for them that can make their life better in some way. They will then be happy to buy a product that also helps to meet their needs in some way. Often, they will become return customers, meaning they will purchase more than one product or come back to you for more service, if that is what you offer.

Done properly, email marketing can really help get your business off the ground and make your customers more responsive.

Interacting as a friend rather than a salesperson is important. Not all those emails need to contain a link or push to buy something. Every second or third one can have information about a product they may want, and a link to it.  If you have the link to your website under the signature, this will give them the option to visit again and buy if they want.

Email marketing is not a costly procedure. Some email hosts offer a free service if you have less than a specific number of customers. And when you pay, choosing the yearly or bi-annual option makes it cheaper.

How do you get website visitors to give you their email address? Have a form on your website offering them something that is valuable to them in exchange for it. What this will be depends on your business model. It could be information, a free service or a gift.