After reading on somebody’s blog that she had a great year, I started thinking to myself, ‘Did I have a great year?’

Being a somewhat critical person, I realized this was the wrong question to ask because it could only have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and my critical voice said ‘no’.

Ok. Restart.

I knew if I wanted a more quality answer I needed to ask a better quality question.

So I applied the ‘What if’ frame and asked myself, ‘What if this has been a great year? What would have made it great?’ Following Paiboon’s post, I came up with 3 highlights for myself:

1) The phenomenal personal growth I experienced coaching. Honestly, just a year and a half ago I was a very different person, I was very self-centered, very fearful and the idea of compassion was totally lost on me. But this year my personal development has just whooshed past my own expectations. I’ve been able to reconnect with my core of compassion and move past my old fears by growing my ‘Just Do It’ impulse, stretching to do things I once believed I couldn’t do.

2) The wonderful friendships forged that have grown stronger and stronger. Wonderful people like my fellow coaches with whom I have so much fun. The sense of togetherness and warmth I received from them during our recent Christmas celebrations (including that one drunken countdown and our Narnia outing). Getting closer to my best and dearest friends and rekindling old friendships.

3) The job that came in at exactly the right time in July/August this year just when I got into some unexpected and unforseeable cash problems and needed the extra money. That was such a Godsend in itself already that it is the event I am most grateful for the whole year.

I didn’t expect this, but more and more highlights are flowing through my mind right now. So, yes, applying a better quality question has helped me get a better quality answer.

Now, has it been a great year?

Yes 🙂