Charisma. You know it when you see it, but what is charisma and how can you become more charismatic?

The word ‘charisma’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘gift’, or ‘divine favor’. It’s that undefinable quality of being an attraction magnet; you just want to look at, listen and feel (ahem) people who are charismatic.

I’ve always been fascinated by just what makes people charismatic and how to become more charismatic myself.

Keys to Charisma

It seems that there are two keys you need to master to become even more charismatic: you must have solid inner game; where you know what you’re about and you’re strong inside (points 1 and 3). You must have solid outer game; where you know how to direct your language, tonality and body language (remembering that words are only 7% of your communication) to influence others (point 2).

In this series, I’m going to explore different people and different facets of charisma as I attempt to answer the question: just what is it that makes charismatic people charismatic?