Methods for telling the time have been around since time began. However, if you want something more precise than the positioning of the sun, then it might be time to talk to some jewellers. It could be time to treat yourself to a new watch. But, where do you begin? Follow these steps below.

Consider Your Daily Life

Jewellers Perth advise to think about why you need a watch and the daily life you lead. Consider what you do with your hands every day and whether a particular style of timepiece is going to suit you better than another. The watch market is vast, with options for sports, water, casual occasions, formal occasions, or all-day use. If you work in an office, a casual or dress watch will tick all the boxes. However, if you work outside, something more robust like a sports watch could be on the cards.

Time Telling Method 

There are three primary methods for telling the time on a watch: analogue, digital, or a mixture of both. Some have numbers on the hands, others use LED or LCD digits, and then there are those with Roman numerals. Picking the time telling method that suits you the best can significantly narrow down your options, putting you one step closer to selecting the perfect watch at your local jewellers.

Watch Materials

As a rule of thumb, the more you spend, the more high-quality the materials in your watch are. Your watch is made up of two parts – the case and band. The case features a type of steel or precious metal typically, but it can also have resin or plastic. Bands can be the same precious metals or steel material, but may also be leather, canvas, rubber, or something else.

Power Source

Finally, before you browse the cases at jewellers, stuck on the decision of buying a new watch, think about the power source. The three most common options for powering a watch is a battery, quartz, and mechanical. Battery watches are the most affordable, quartz watches are more accurate, and mechanical watches require hand or automatic winding throughout the day.

Mechanical watches tend to be prized pieces with expensive price tags, but are well worth the cost. Their intricacies are out of this world, but you may like to consider buying an automatic winding machine to save you effort with winding.  They can be one of the more accurate timepieces too.

Before you see your local jewellers about watches to suit your needs, try to have a fair idea of what you want and need. Consider the style, the power type, method of time telling, and the convenience of it being on your wrist during your working day. You’re halfway to buying the perfect piece.