Yes it’s true. I know how to make all your dreams real…but there’s a catch 😉

Back in November I shared the 9 Rules To Get Out Of Plateaus in which I realized why I was stuck in one and how to get out of it.

One of the 9 rules was to constantly improve, and I had to ask myself: in what do I want to improve myself and how?

After all, I had studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, martial arts…how do I take my personal development to the next level, and what would be fun?

Then I asked…why not learn how to make my dreams real? Why not master…the art of lucid dreaming?

I’d heard of lucid dreaming before, but really got intrigued after reading Steve and Erin Pavlina’s personal experiences on their blogs (read Learning to Fly by Steve and listen to Erin’s podcast on lucid dreaming).

Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you’re dreaming and can manipulate the dream to your liking. Lucid dreams appear as real as reality, if you dream you’re flying you actually feel as if you’re really flying. And thus, all your dreams become real…that’s the (clever) catch 😛

Who wouldn’t want to be able to fly, shape reality at will, and not just spend all those hours at sleep unconscious?

3 Steps To Make All Your Dreams As Real As Life
Now, with a little research, I found that most lucid dreaming tutorials follow these basic steps:

1) Start by remembering your dreams.

Keep a dream journal by your bed, and everyday when you wake up jot down all the dreams you remember. It helps to focus on the intention to remember all your dreams before you fall asleep each night.

2) Practice staying conscious up until the moment before you fall asleep.

Erin describes this technique in her podcast, you keep yourself as conscious as possible in the twilight between the waking and sleeping world as you fall asleep, until you slip naturally into sleep and your conscious awareness with you.

3) Recognize dream-signs and stay calm.

While dreaming, practice recognizing signs that you’re dreaming. You might see an upside-down building for example, and realize that you’re in a dream – now stay calm! Any excited emotions might stir you out of the dreaming state. Remain cool, and start testing the dream environment – fly, for example!

My 30-Day Dream Trial

Following Steve’s 30-day trial technique for making personal changes, I’m going to devote the next 30 days to the first step in making my dreams lucid by keeping a dream journal.

In-between and at the end of 30 days I’ll update my progress and learnings.

This should be fun 😀