I know I’m making a VERY BOLD statement here, so am I just making an empty promise? Read on.

We all know that Success demands consistent hard work and seldom is achieved overnight. Hence, likewise, failure is not attained in a blink of the eyes. Usually, there is a sequence of events that precedes failure.

Realizing this fact now, what we can do first is to learn to avoid possible failures. How do you do it?

This leads me to the point I want to make in this Part 1 – Awareness of Yourself.

If you choose to look back at your previous failures, I’m not surprised at all there is a pattern in which eventually leads to those failures. Recognize how you felt, what words you said to youself and how they were said. I call these “Precursors of Failure”.

Just like when you’re about to fall sick, you would usually feel uncomfortable and tired. It’s the same thing about failure! One of my own precursors are I become irritable by things I usually don’t get annoyed. Another would be I start avoiding contacting with people i.e. I become anti-social.

So, start now by recognizing your Precursors of Failure before we move to the next level!