Have you already identified your Precursors of Failure? This would be of greater benefits to you if you have done that.

Now that you begin to become more and more aware of your patterns, you can too now make use of these patterns to work for you.

Start sharing them.

With whom?
Those you mix around with most often. Like your closed ones, friends and colleagues.

Why share your patterns?
1) When you start sharing with another person, you would have to describe in more specific details to the other party for him/ her to understand. In a way, this helps you to clear up any shady areas.
2) Reminder, reminder, reminder. To enlist their help to remind you when you begin to exhibit those old patterns.
3) Because you’re committed to success!

And of course, How you are going to deal with those patterns when they begin to surface.

I’ll be sharing a few tips on the “How” in the next post. So if there is any specific pattern you want me to mention, just leave your comment or drop me an email.