I just made my first SGD$35 (USD$20.72) from the Million Dollar Experiment! Yay!

I found a whole stack of books that I no longer wanted while clearing up my room last Sunday, so I put up an auction for them on the local Yahoo! Auctions. Within a week I had a winning bid and yesterday I sold the first batch of them off.

The reason I attribute this sale to the Million Dollar Experiment is because these were books I had been keeping for years, even though I’d not been reading them I could never throw them out. It was a strange little impulse that made me want to get rid of them, something I haven’t thought of doing.

In fact, when I decided to get rid of them, my first thought was to dump them into the recycle bin downstairs (be green!), fast and easy. But the Million Dollar Experiment intention came to mind, and I was determined to make a little money out of it.

Other strange things that happened in the past 2 weeks:

1) I was flipping through a friend’s old magazine and saw a review for Dodgeball (the movie by Ben Stiller) and I thought it looked funny and I wanted to watch it. But no-one I asked had it…until 2 days ago one of my friends passed out random DVDs he had brought to share.

2) I was invited to have chocolate fondue (chocolate!) with some friends but I couldn’t make it (chocolate!). I jokingly told them they had to do it again because I wanted my fondue (chocolate!). In that same week, a friend of mine brought us out to an ice-cream place for dessert after dinner…and bought us fondue (chocolate!).