I was stressed. Somehow I kept feeling like there was something bugging me…what? Then it hit me – and I had been staring at it all day long for weeks. It was my desktop clutter.

This is a screenshot of my desktop at work. I thought it’d be a great idea to have my task list displayed (via Samurize, method here), together with my calendar appointments and the local weather via widgets (my office has no windows). And a kick-ass wallpaper.

lifecoaches-clutterI realized after a few weeks though, that it was adding to the mental noise that was going through my head. Every time I glanced at the screen undone tasks were screaming at me even when I had no way to do them then. It was time for a more elegant solution.

I minimized my weather widget and dock. I got rid of my Samurize tasks list even though it was a fast and easy method to keep track of them. I opted for the excellent and free Thinking Rock GTD program to keep track of my tasks. Lastly, I got rid of my wallpaper for this super minimal look.

lifecoaches-declutterThe first decluttered look

After a day though, I found it was too dreary and settled with this beautiful landscape from Desktopography.


The second decluttered

Two days later I find this desktop a lot more relaxing. I have to remember to input new tasks into Thinking Rock and review it two to three times a day but it’s a lot less anxiety inducing than having my to-do list stare at me all day long.