I was walking through the forests near Chiang Dao Nest, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying being in the moment.

As I was looking at the sun shining through the treetops, something Paul McKenna wrote in his book I Can Make You Rich sprang to my mind.

Getting Rich Is an Inside Job

Over the last twenty years, I have had access to many high achievers and I have been amazed at how some are able to truly enjoy their wealth while others remain trapped by their own limited thinking…

At the time of my writing this, Mariah Carey is worth over $100 million – yet in a recent interview, she said that sometimes she still feels financially insecure…

I hope by now you are beginning to realize that having a lot of money will never be enough to make you rich. It is the quality of your thoughts that will ultimately create the quality of your life.

For a pittance of what I make in Singapore, I could live very comfortably in Chiang Dao. I wondered what the locals thought of the difference between us. I wondered if they thought I lived in paradise; with high-rise buildings and big, shiny shops everywhere.

I wondered if they recognized the riches they had that I didn’t have back home; the beautiful forests and rivers around them, fresh mountain air and a working day free from impossible deadlines.

I realized that no matter where and how you were, you can feel rich just by recognizing the blessings you already enjoy. It’s a richness that has nothing to do with the numbers in your bank, but everything to do with the richness of your soul.

Do you feel rich?