Hold the press! Extra Special Definition for the Super Hardcore NLPers!

For the non-hardcore NLPers (I know you’re out there), take a chance. Read on, and see what new thoughts and ideas emerge, and tell me if you think I’m the greatest genius since Da Vinci or talking smack. Don’t look for me if your head explodes.

For the non-NLPers amongst us, you don’t have to read this, as I go a little more in-depth into the territory and you need some prior experience, and it’s not exactly life coaching stuff.

But if you’re the adventurous kind, feel free to dip your toes in the water 🙂

6) NLP for the Super Hardcore

As a meta-tool, NLP is the starting ground, but not the end. Follow the works of the original group, people like Bandler, Grinder and Dilts and you’ll see they took the NLP tools and went out there to model like crazy after the originals of Milton, Virginia, Perls and Bateson, and even upgrade the original NLP models so some of the old stuff is outdated.

For me personally, I went back to the roots and studied the works of Milton and Virginia (if you don’t know who they aren’t, you aren’t Super Hardcore! 😛 But don’t worry, I talk about them a bit more in my next post), and where their work has evolved in the years since their passing.

What I found opened my eyes in new directions and further expanded my understanding and use of NLP. Knowing where the models came from, and why really helps expand your NLP skills. And having the NLP meta-tools to be able to go back and read about those 2 incredible people helps increase understanding, that’s how kick-ass the tools are.

I was able to understand why certain NLP techniques and models were formed the way they were, and get a better grasp of the underlying principles. Along the way, I also found other beliefs, models and techniques that supplemented my NLP skills tremendously.

And it’s amazing to see how much in common some of the outgrowth of Milton’s work has in common with NLP, movements like Brief Solutions Focused Therapy.

When I realized how much of their work added on to my NLP skills, I knew that to be an excellent NLP practitioner just knowing NLP alone is not enough. It’s a great set of tools to carry around on your journey, but it’s not the journey itself, if that makes sense. That’s when I understood the meaning of Bandler’s definition; an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

NLP, for the Super Hardcore, is not the techniques, the beliefs, the models, the language patterns that are clustered around its core. NLP is a wonderful set of meta-tools (the methodology) in which to heartily explore the world with a sense of gusto and curiosity (an attitude), and those tools will help you create methods, models and techniques to better navigate the world around you.

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