Most of us go through our entire lives reacting to our own interpretation of the happenings and events in our lives. We live in fear, we fall asleep in quiet desperation and we do anything we can to protect what we think is ours. Under the guise of personal power, we falsely believe that we are able to control everything in our lives by holding the things we cherish most so tightly that we are never threatened by their loss.

Your False Ego Makes You Afraid

In the Vedic scriptures, this is referred to as ‘False Ego’. It is our desire to lord it over everything in our lives in order to maintain security, control and a false sense of power over our material existence. It is completely fear-based and referenced from our perception of events in our pasts. It is unreal, yet perceived as real and therefore given the power to manipulate our life experiences.

This reference of Ego is also that which chokes the very life energy from ourselves and the relationships we have with others. It creates an illusion of personal growth and power, but in actuality works in a contrary manner to the very nature of the life force we are all part of.

The Natural Flow of Human Existence

The natural flow of our human existence is really no different than that of a tree, in that life will naturally increase and perpetuate itself because that is what all life is supposed to be. A tree doesn’t try to grow. It doesn’t try to produce seeds or fruit. It just does what it is meant to do, with no interference from a thinking mind or ego.

Imagine if an oak tree, while sprouting from an acorn, only focused on what it knew. The ego of an oak tree would probably want to remain an acorn, because this is its past reference and therefore it would do everything it could to protect that which it knows.

Inevitably, the oak tree would never grow to its full potential. It would be so consumed in its fear of losing its acorn presence, that it would never mature into that which is its ultimate purpose and would never bear fruit to perpetuate the life process.

In the situation, as ridiculous as it is, this one oak tree would move in a contrary direction to its life’s purpose, it would never expand itself by producing more oak trees and in all probability its fear-based thinking would spread to all the other oak trees around it.

The end result would be the total loss of a forest. Why? Because one small tree took on a facet of the human condition. An ego-based reference of how it views the world.

How to Tap Into Your True Power

How do we as humans tap into our true power, our true being, the energy which animates us and provides us with all the solutions needed to live extraordinary lives?

First, we must have the realization that the way we look at the world, the way we interpret circumstances and events, and the way we often look for approval in places outside of ourselves is no longer serving us in a way which nurtures our becoming our best self.

Once we understand and accept that our thoughts, and the resulting gut feelings, are taking us in an opposite direction of our life’s desire then we may begin the process of changing our life reference.

Through persistent spiritual practice and personal development, combined with a clear vision of the abundant life we desire, we may begin down this path of seeking Self reference. Silence, meditation and time spent quietly embracing nature and its perfection will bring us closer to knowing who we truly are.

Ask God or the Universe to assist you in revealing your True Self, ask for guidance in coming to know, befriend and trust your True Self. Do this before you go into a silent meditation. Quiet your mind. Turn off the music and thoughts that attempt to race through your mind. Focus on your breathing, on your heart beating, and become totally present in the exact moment of your existence. Do this everyday, multiple times a day.

In time you will consciously view your thoughts as they enter your mind and be able to see them as nothing more than things flowing through your mind. You won’t pass judgement on them, you won’t interpret them and you won’t be impacted by them. They will pass through without influencing the quiet of your mind.

Being Present Brings Joy Into Your Life

Self reference will reveal to you that everything and everyone in this world are connected. That we are all part and parcel of an all present Being, and that life is perfect just as it is right now. And right now, and right now.

All solutions, all desires will come to us by living in the understanding that the moment is all that’s real. Past and future reference are all based on perceptions, faulty human perceptions, and therefore are not real and living in them perpetuates a painful life experience.

Being present in each moment brings joy, love and abundance to our lives and to the lives of those around us because we’re not interpreting or referencing anything. We’re just being. Just like the little acorn sprouting and becoming a massively strong oak tree. It’s just being.

Each of us has a divine purpose which we are here to fulfill. By seeking, finding and fulfilling our divine purpose in this life we will experience more joy, love and adundance then we ever imagined was possible in life. By assisting others to do the same, to fulfull their life purposes, our lives will overflow in such a way that it will feel as heaven on earth. Our experience of joy, love, passion and fulfillment will know no bounds.

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