10 Steps That Will Help You Choose The Right Dog Groomer For Your Dog

Unless dog grooming is something you plan to do yourself for your dog, then your best option is to use a professional dog groomer. Deciding you want to use one is the first step, but more important than that is the next decision which is choosing which dog groomer you are going to entrust to care for your dog’s coat.

Given that, unlike many professions such as lawyer, surgeon or even vet, dog groomers do not normally require any official certification or qualifications to get started, then you must choose wisely. Let us emphasise that we are not suggesting dog groomers do not have impressive skills and knowledge, far from it. Indeed, many of them have had comprehensive training and many years of successfully grooming dogs.

However, the fact that you can purchase a set of dog grooming tools and start a dog grooming business without any other checks or having to pass any dog grooming exams means anyone can do so. We repeat the vast majority of dog groomers are superb and love the dogs they groom almost as much as their owners, but due diligence does you, nor your dog any harm. As such here are 10 steps to choosing the best dog groomer for your dog.

Decide What Sort Of Grooming Services You Need: You first want to determine what dog grooming services you want as this eliminates any that do not offer them. Things to consider include do they also care for ears, eyes, paws, and teeth? Also, ensure they offer the coat care and maintenance services you require.


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