Unless dog grooming is something you plan to do yourself for your dog, then your best option is to use a professional dog groomer. Deciding you want to use one is the first step, but more important than that is the next decision which is choosing which dog groomer you are going to entrust to care for your dog’s coat.

Given that, unlike many professions such as lawyer, surgeon or even vet, dog groomers do not normally require any official certification or qualifications to get started, then you must choose wisely. Let us emphasise that we are not suggesting dog groomers do not have impressive skills and knowledge, far from it. Indeed, many of them have had comprehensive training and many years of successfully grooming dogs.

However, the fact that you can purchase a set of dog grooming tools and start a dog grooming business without any other checks or having to pass any dog grooming exams means anyone can do so. We repeat the vast majority of dog groomers are superb and love the dogs they groom almost as much as their owners, but due diligence does you, nor your dog any harm. As such here are 10 steps to choosing the best dog groomer for your dog.

Decide What Sort Of Grooming Services You Need: You first want to determine what dog grooming services you want as this eliminates any that do not offer them. Things to consider include do they also care for ears, eyes, paws, and teeth? Also, ensure they offer the coat care and maintenance services you require.

Ask Other Dog Owners: If any friends, family, or work colleagues have a dog, they can be a great source for referring you to a dog groomer they have used and found to offer an excellent level of professionalism and service.

Ask Your Vet: One person who dog owners often overlook when seeking a dog groomer is their vet. Given that they deal with coat and skin health, they are bound to know local dog groomers who they would be happy to recommend to their clients.

Research Online: One of your best sources of information about potential dog groomers is the internet. You can visit their website, assess the services they offer, their opening times, and other information such as how long they have been in business.

Check Dog Grooming Associations: In the town, city, or even the country you live in there may be professional bodies that dog groomers are members of. These associations often have a search function on their website where you can look for dog groomers who are members.

Look For Reviews And Testimonials: Whether on their website or other websites such as Trustpilot, you want to see if the dog groomers you are researching have positive reviews and if so, what percentage are 5-star reviews.

Ask About Their Training, Experience, Qualifications: Although we have stated dog groomers do not normally require official accreditation, it does not mean that they have not had comprehensive training, nor achieved qualifications for pogroming,  so always ask them about these.

Do They Offer Home Only Or Salon Only Grooming: This may be important to you, especially if you do not have a car, or you know your dog will be more at ease being groomed at home rather than in a salon. Each dog groomer will operate as either home only, salon only, or offer both options.

Visit Their Salon: Unless a dog groomer has something to hide (which would be a huge concern), they will be happy for you to visit their salon to check it out. They may also be open to you taking your dog with you to introduce them to each other before you book your dog’s first grooming session.

Go With Your Instinct: You know your dog better than anyone, and that means you will have a feel for what environments and people are positive for them and which are not. If all else is equal choose the dog groomer your instinct tells you is right for your dog.