(Alvin’s Note: Our dear fellow Life Coach, and passionate personal development extraodinaire, Paiboon Busayarak, has embarked on a 3 month initiation into Buddhist monkhood in his native Thailand. He just sent me this post via email sharing the conversations he’s had with his teacher. The words are his, the grammer tweaking is mine 😉 Enjoy!)

If you find one thing boring,

You’ll find everything boring.

Dogen, ‘Guidelines for Studying the Way’

Boredom lies in our character, not in the world. “If you’re bored,” I’ve heard it said “you’re boring”. Think about this.

When you’re bored, you tend to bore others. Conversely, when you’re bored, it is because you are boring: you are the one who engages in the act of boring. It’s not the world that is boring you; it is you who are boring the world. This is the Buddha’s meaning.

So, when you are boring, stop doing it. Look inside and ask yourself, “Why am I draining the life from this moment?” Answering this question restores you and the world to life. Boredom becomes impossible.